First Stop In Stob, Ain't It Fun?

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On April 2nd our first guest arrived here in Stob from the UK. Mr C. on his own ( what a brave man) came with his laptop and frown.

Arriving at (nearly) midnight in the dark up our rocky road must have been a shock to him…  We soon got him refreshed though, the food was waiting on the garden table. Mason and Barita ( the two great guardians ) of Adart Home soon had him licked all over- this is the traditional welcome dog greeting in this part of the World .

We are so lucky in the Rila mountains to have such a beautiful climate and such reliable weather this time of the year which is proving the biggest hit with Mr C. 

the 4th…(April)

it was computer time but that soon faded as the goats passed by, the church bell rang and the neighbours called to natter. ” No one but myself speaks English in the street and i have only found one other in the village “

Travel and Discover places where computers do not run goats up the hills  and what a shame the goats do not speak English   ( but some of us do ) 

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