The Happiness Merchant

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It is Friday and it is Spring and it is the most important morning coffee part of the day that could be driving the world around the Sun over and over again. While the thoughts are awaking the “have to do” one is really getting to annoy my coffee time .

 “Have to do “, you could wait just half an hour, could you?

Then I sit in the garden, the birds are singing and I enjoy my coffee .

Let’s call it morning meditation (terminology is up to date ) in fact it is just the peaceful time I bargained  with my busy mind  .


Why not?

It is Friday morning , swallows are singing on the cherry tree ( it could be any other day and any other time) and I feel like I am the Happiness Merchant. It seems to me that it is much more important than anything else at times to consciously notice any annoying thoughts, bargain them for good ones or bargain them for none (well , not 24/7 just every time it feels like  ). There is no need to accept and follow every one of them all the time and it is the  great pleasure of choice, it’s simple, it’s  fun, it’s  relaxing  and it is worth the bargain.  What is the point of any other success in life if we fail to bargain peace for the mind with our own thoughts and have a happy moment 

Happiness anyone?…

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