Seriously Autumn

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Gloriously gone – the summer is over. The season of the warm and soulful colours is here. What better time to celebrate few more sunny days. Seriously! “The falling leaves, drift by my window…the Autumn leaves …in red and gold…”And how beautiful would it be if we were to read the emotions in the colours of an autumn leaf.

 We could hold all the seasons in our hand only by picking up an autumn leaf and so I did. Taking the emotional route of the autumn leaves – there is for sure a certain romantic situation, which seems sad on a rainy day, but very much on the bright side when the Sun shines again in the morning. The trees take off their jewels – they say.

And we – the grown up humans walk on them without knowing we step on jewels.Seems the dogs know better than us, they lightly jump in their flurry magic and remind me of the days when I – the kid- was jumping with such excitement in the piles of leaves in the park near the river. The autumn leaf excitement seems forgotten, seriously forgotten.

And a few things urgently need a change – things like – the car tyres, the summer wardrobe, the clock battery or the perspective of the natural endings and beginnings, or the perspective of how many things can leave our lives but not our hearts – like the autumn childish joy in the park…Seriously….it is Autumn and in the fragrance of the flowers remains the glorious memory of the summer in my heart.

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