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Uncomfortably numb … yes, I was, just few days ago, but now it feels better, much better, as I had so many cups of my homemade basil tea with raw honey (thank you, dad). I had some homemade bread, plenty of cheese and yogurt and fresh Organic eggs  thank you, uncle Zlatko, I love your chickens). I Had some of my favourite homemade pickles ( ah,thanks -ME, myself and I ) and some pasta with  home grown and made tomato basil sauce (I love IT ) .


Adart Home Apples

Of course I had some sweets and chocolates, few apples too and never, never for the last 2 weeks had a meal out. How good is this?

And now this –   when I was browsing internet and that article had found me- yes it had found me with it`s shocking, outraged ,monstrous ( did i say it right?) …inhumane content ….the more I was reading ,the more I  was realising  how stupid I was to believe years and years that I eat healthy only because i cook at home mostly vegetables and … yes, would have been healthy if only I was able to skip the bread,the pasta, the cheeses that I love, the yogurt,not to mention any of the meat products ( it gets even more scary there) …Oh my….I pretend to eat healthy. Yes!!!! Yes – but… NO.

As the monstrous article said:

Watch out – “E” on the package ( danger) !!!! Numbers, names and functions… not a word about the effects though.

1400 Dextrins Thickening agent

1401 Acid treated starch Thickening agent

1402 Alkaline treated starch Thickening agent

1403 Bleached starch Thickening agent

E1404 Oxidised starch Thickening agent

E1410mono-starch phosphate Thickening agent

1411Di-starch glycerol Thickening agent

E1412 Di-starch phosphates Thickening agent

E1413 Phosphatylated di-starch phosphate Thickening agent

E1414 Acetylated di-starch phosphate Thickening agent

E1420 Starch acetate Thickening agent

1421 Starch acetate Thickening agent

E1422 Acetylated di-starch adipate Thickening agent

1423 Acetylated di-starch glycerol Thickening agent

E1440 Hydroxypropyl starch Thickening agent

1441 Hydroxypropyl-di-starch glycerol Thickening agent

E1442 Hydroxypropyl-di-starch phosphate Thickening agent

E1450 Starch sodium octenyl succinate Thickening agent

I Thickened a lot , even my brain is Thickening agent right now. Honestly I feel sad when I walk in a shop – everything is Thickening in my brain. The damage of the Thickening Agents is a long term one. It will probably not be seen or felt for years, but who could say when and what exactly triggers the “Thickening effect” ?

 And again back to the formula:

 The food we buy in the shops is meant to make us ill? We definitely at some point will be calling the Pharmacy to get pills! The Pills are meant to help us anyway! No joke! (does it make any sense?)

  The Real Food is RARE .

It makes me appreciate more and more what grows in the garden. And our garden is quite far from the Thickeners, the town pollution and the chemicals.

Seems it is time for a True and Natural November Joy with a glass of wine and …… (thank you for the home made cheese aunty Pepa 

No, I am not going to live with the eagles, but at least  I can make my decision to live a life free of at least 18 thicken…things   

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