Adart Home

In few words:

In Adart Home, we embrace the passion for more simple living and our vision is to create a whole-hearted. Nature-friendly lifestyle, devoting all our time and heart to make a home that many people could benefit from. The idea of such a place, where everyone could enjoy the simple way of living, came naturally, driven by our vision for a natural and kind-to-self-and-others lifestyle.


Our vision is to be a sustainable, simple and healthy place in nature – trying to provide the best for the mind and body relaxing activities such as art, music, meditation, writing and to be of help to as many people as possible.


For the last two years, we invested all our time, energy, love and passion into bringing an old village house and garden back to life. Our Adart Home now looks and feels amazing.


A lot of work all well worth doing, for the joy of creating the environment to fully enjoy the present moment. Our first priority is to make everyone to feel at home, no matter what part of the world they come from. Here – we are so lucky to have all the goodness the Mountains can offer. Our commitment to this still undiscovered by many, hidden corner of Europe is to respect nature and people and to help and support the wellbeing of both in every way possible. Our journey so far has taught us so much and we know there is much more to learn while following our passion to live a life in harmony with the Earth and its people.

We hope you will come to experience joy, calmness and even more for yourself soon. We would love you to visit and share time with us each and every time you need a little escape from the busy life lane.

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